How we’re fighting climate change

How we’re fighting climate change

The textile industry is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gases, water pollution, and landfill waste, making it a major player in the global environmental crisis. The rise of the fast fashion sector, characterized by rapid production, low costs, and a quick turnover of trends, creates nearly 10% of the world’s carbon footprint today and on track to make up 26% by 2050.

We have to change this.

We understand that everything we make has a huge impact on the planet. And we believe there needs to be an urgent reevaluation of industry practices, steering away from the traditional 'take-make-dispose' model to more sustainable methods of production and consumption.

From our start, every decision we’ve made is with environmental impact top of mind. Since 2021, we’ve offset our carbon emissions and have reinvested our carbon credits in renewable energy projects in Turkey, where we manufacture.

However, today on #GivingTuesday, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve taken our commitment to the next level and are officially Climate Neutral Certified.

Together with Change Climate, we measure, offset and reduce our carbon footprint annually. We are held accountable (and inspired!) by the Change Climate team whose rigorous measurement standards ensure that we’re looking at every part of our business (from manufacturing to warehouse management and last mile delivery) when calculating our overall emissions.

Not only are we then responsible for financially covering the cost to offset our emissions, but we create and implement a carbon reduction plan that outlines the steps we’re taking to reduce our overall emissions. This year, we’ve committed to:

  • Reducing our emissions 50% by 2030
  • Eliminating single product plastic poly bagging across all product lines
  • Creating a donation program for products with minor defects

We’re so excited to join the Change Climate community and challenge the industry status-quo.