Our story.

I built Pine & Palm because I wanted to change the way my family and I dried off.

I was tired of heavy, thick towels that took forever to dry, were impossible to wear, and took so much space to store.

I wanted something luxuriously soft, highly absorbent and lightweight enough that I could wear them to dry off.

Over the years living part-time in Turkey with my family I've built a network of small, family-owned manufacturers who produce all of our products.

Everything we create is ethically made and 100% carbon neutral so we can feel good about, and inspired by, the things that we put in our homes.

I hope you loves these products as much as we do.

Thanks for being here!


Ethically made by Turkeys best.

We partner with small, family run Turkish textile makers who have mastered their craft through decades of experience. They are all Fair Trade, OEKO-Tex and GOTS certified.

Because we believe in transparent partnerships, we visit our factories every year.

We're currently performing our first sustainability audit and are excited to publish the findings so that you know exactly where your products came from.

Better for people and the planet.

The textile industry is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gases, water pollution, and landfill waste.

At our core, we want to do our part to reverse the damage the textile manufacturing industry has made, and believe that supply chain transparency, challenging traditional manufacturing norms, and advocacy will help to usher in to a new “norm” of manufacturing. One that puts people and the planet, not profits, first.

All of our manufacturing partners are Fair Trade, OEKO-Tex and GOTS certified to ensure that our products are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides, which means better for you and the planet.