For people and the planet.

The textile industry is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gases, water pollution, and landfill waste.

At our core, we want to do our part to reverse the damage the textile manufacturing industry has made, and believe that supply chain transparency, challenging traditional manufacturing norms, and advocacy will help to usher in to a new “norm” of manufacturing. One that puts people and the planet, not profits, first.

Our approach & commitments.

Give more to the environment than we take.

Challenge sub-par manufacturing & supply chain norms.

Enrich the communities that make our products.

100% Carbon Neutral

Together with Change Climate, we measure and offset the carbon we emit from manufacturing to delivery at your doorstep.

However, we believe every company should be required to do this.

More than offsetting, it's imperative to rethink every aspect of our business so that we reduce our overall carbon emissions.

By 2030 we've committed to reducing our carbon footprint by 50%. However, we feel that we can accomplish this faster.

In 2023 we:

* Reinvested our carbon credits into renewable energy projects around the world. Read more here.

* Switched to 100% recycled packaging made by like minded partners.

* Stopped the use of all single-use plastic poly bagging on individual products shipped from our manufacturers.

* Partnered with the Refugee Care Collective to donate all unsellable, but fully functional, bath products to furnish the bathrooms of newly relocated refugees.

Full supply chain transparency.

As consumers, we're deeply disconnected from the manufacturing process of the products we buy. Rarely do we know how our products are made, and the amount of energy and natural resources it takes to make and ship to our door.

We want to change this. We're on a mission to make our entire supply chain transparent, so you not only know how our products are made, but can see the faces and hands that touched them along the way.

In 2024 we're excited to initiate our first manufacturing audit and publish the results and findings.

Advocate for living wages.

We believe that those making our products are super heroes.

We only work with manufacturers that pay living wages, offer employee benefits and are committed to supporting the families and communities where they are operate.

Learn, iterate & collaborate.

We'll only be able to make a difference if we hold ourselves accountable and continually push ourselves to challenge the status quo.

We seek to learn from and partner with other brands and NGOs who are fighting for the same causes.

We're proud members of 1% for the Planet and Change Climate and we're looking forward to establishing more partnerships this year.