The Mediterranean Bath Towel

The Mediterranean Bath Towel

Amazing bath towels will transform your bathroom and your routine, and we believe that Mediterranean bath towels are the best you can find. But, what exactly is a Mediterranean bath towel and how is it different?

Technically a Mediterranean towel is one that’s made with cotton sourced in the Mediterranean region. But, for us, it’s so much more than that. Not only is it the quality of the cotton and the specific location where the cotton is grown and the towels produced, but equally important is the lifestyle it evokes and the practicality it brings to your bathroom.

Location matters

Bath towels are most commonly made with cotton, and the highest quality cotton is grown in Egypt and Turkey. It’s commonly believed that cotton grown in these regions produce the softest and most absorbent towels, and we agree.

We believe that the highest quality Turkish cotton is grown in the Aegean region of Turkey, and that’s why all of our products are sourced with 100% Aegean Turkish cotton and produced in the area as well.

Thicker isn’t better

It’s a commonly held belief in the US that the thicker the bath towel, the more absorbent and higher quality it is. We disagree, but let’s break down why.

We usually refer to bath towels as ‘thick’ or ‘thin,’ but really what we’re referring to is the towel’s weight. Towel weight is measured in GSM or grams-per-square-meter. A common misconception is that the higher the GSM, the higher the towel quality.

Generally, bath towels vary in weights between 300 - 900 GSM. Those weighing 300 - 400 GSM are the lightest and thinnest (most commonly peshtemal) and those weighing 700 - 900 are the heaviest and thickest. Usually, bath towels fall within the medium-weight range of 400 - 600 GSM.

Our bath towels range between 400 - 500 GSM, so, they may feel thinner than what you might be used to.

When it comes to towel quality, it’s not the GSM that matters, but the quality of the yarn. If your bath towel is made from top quality yarn, the towel will be soft and absorbent regardless of its weight.

It's a vibe

The Mediterranean lifestyle is all about ease and practicality. This mindset carries over into the bathroom as well.

We wanted to create towels that are soft and absorbent and extremely quick drying. Towels that won’t stay wet all day and that don’t need to be run twice in the dryer. Towels that feel as soft and plush as those you’d find in a spa, like our soft rib towel. Towels that are light enough to wrap your hair in but absorbent enough to never leave you wet, like our classic cotton towel. And towels that are easy to store in the linen closet when not being used, like these.

To us, that’s a Mediterranean towel. One that is as beautiful as it is practical.

Written By: Pine & Palm Home
Photography By: Greer Rivera for Pine & Palm Home