The Versatility of the Peshtemal

The Versatility of the Peshtemal

A peshtemal (or peştemal, peshtamal or pestamal) is one of the oldest forms of woven cloth and can be seen in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics showing men and women wearing peshtemal wrapped around their waists. Most commonly, however, we know peshtemal from the Turkish hammam culture where peshtemal are used by bathers to maintain privacy in the communal bath houses.

They have a long and rich history within Turkish culture, flat woven on traditional looms by artisans in the Denizli area of Turkey, these towels use local cotton and feature beautiful designs and colors. It’s said that certain patterns are the trademark of specific weavers, woven over generations and passed down between family members. Today, when someone references a ‘Turkish towel,’ most usually they think of a peshtemal.

Peshtemal are extremely lightweight and versatile. Woven with 100% cotton and usually between 300 - 400 GSM, they are absorbent and quick drying. They’re a favorite among travelers and beach goers as they are both light and easy to pack.

While peshtemal are most commonly used to dry off at the beach, their uses are endless. For instance, we use ours as a:
  • Lightweight bath towel in the summer
  • Picnic blanket for the park
  • Tablecloth for colorful outdoor dining
  • Thrown over a couch or chair
  • Sarong for fun beach attire
  • Blanket for cool summer nights
  • Baby blankets for playtime

    There are really so many uses for peshtemal. Check ours out and think about all the ways you’ll use yours!

  • Written By: Pine & Palm Home
    Photography By: Greer Rivera for Pine & Palm Home


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